Muscle-up Classes

Do you have a strong ring dip and strong kipping pullup but can’t quite put the two together into the muscle-up?  Would you like to do muscle-up WODs as RX’d?  Well then this class is for you! 

Building upon the strong foundation one can earn from my pullup skills classes, the muscle-up class takes it to the next level.  Often times there isn’t enough time in our regular classes to practice the muscle-up, so this skill class allows ample time to drill and give active feedback to each individual.  The hollow body position and its benefit to the muscle up are covered in the class, with some more advanced practice offered than the pullup skills class.  You will also cover drills that help to get passed that pesky sticking point in no man’s land between the pull and dip portions of the muscle-up.

Package includes two 1hr15min skills sessions for the muscle-up.  The first is primarily drills and practice to help with understanding of the movement and its correct execution.  The second revisits some of the drills, allows for practice time and includes a short WOD to showcase your mastery of the muscle-up!  Classes are limited to 3 clients, so there will be plenty of one on one training available!

Please email me from the Contact/Info page on the left side of my blog if you are interested!  Pre-requisites for the muscle-up class include being able to complete 5 unbroken, deep ring dips and 5 unbroken chest to bar pullups.  Don’t quite yet have the chest to bar pullup?  Check out my Pullup Skills Classes!